Kindness Checklist Poster - Final Sale Discounted Bundle (please read notes)

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  • Help your students get in The Great Kindness Challenge mood and inspire them to action with these big colorful checklist posters.
  • They are great to display in classrooms and/or throughout the school.
  • Size: 24″ x 31″

Important: Please note that the actual checklist poster does not include a sponsor logo. Also, two acts of kindness have been slightly amended in the current, 2023-2024 checklist but these discounted final sale posters have the OLD acts of kindness:

  • OLD: Slip a nice note in your friend’s backpack.
  • NEW: Surprise a friend with a nice note.
  • OLD: Give an apple or a note to your teacher.
  • NEW: Give an apple or a note to thank your teacher.

This is the checklist poster you will be receiving as part of this discounted bundle.